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Katie & Shevawn, Hollywood, CA 1996
I ran into these homeless teens, age 17 and 15, on Hollywood Blvd, and as I approached them, they asked if I wanted to take their picture for $1 each. It was a common practice of the street kids to ask this of tourists and they mistook me for one. I agreed but asked them to cross the street to get the plain background. I managed 4 frames before they demanded to be paid, Shevawn (right) saying under her breath, "If he doesn't pay us I'm going to kick him in the balls." I gave them $2 each, as I had planned to do, and they were delighted with the extra money. Homeless teens have, by necessity, a tough veneer, but in this portrait I caught an unguarded moment. You can see they look sad, weary, and vulnerable.